Policies and Terms

Booking Policy:

  1. My schedule is posted here on the website please call to confirm that the day and time you want is open. I am human and don’t always get the calender updated as fast as I should.
  2. Holding appointment days and time. I will hold an appointment time for one day. However, if I do not hear back confirming the date, time, and address. I will give the appointment away if some one calls and asks for that day and time.

Payment Policy

  1. All payments are due at the time of the shoot. I currently take Cash, Check, or Credit Cards(Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover) If you can not be there at the time of the shoot, I will allow a check to left at the office that I can pick up that day. However if you forget to drop off a check,You will not get the photos until I have a  payment in my hand.
  2. There will be a $25.00 charge for all returned checks

Rescheduling Policy

From time to time there is a need to reschedule a shoot for one reason or another. I understand this however there has become a need for some ground rules.

  1. 24 hour notice given no rescheduling fee
  2. less than 24 hour notice a $50.00 rescheduling fee will be charged at my discretion
  3. I show up and the home is not shoot ready and can not be photographed. You will be charged for the full tour price .

Re-shoot Fee: $50 up to the cost of tour depending on reasons and time since the property was photographed.


The Licensor(Cynthia Walker) here by agrees that the Licensee(you) is granted a limited license of one year for the express propose of marketing the property. All other use must be approved in writing by the Licensor. This license is granted for all properties photographed for licensee. This license is non –transferable

License Terms:

Licensor retains all copyrights and all rights not expressed in the agreement including advertising rights.

Licensee agrees: that should the property be lost to another listing agent(s) that the images will not be sold or given to the new listing agent(s).

Licensor agrees that in the event the property is lost to another listing agent(s). The licensor retains the right to allow the new agent(s) to use above mentioned images new agents will be charged for a new photo shoot

Licensee may not transfer license to other parties without written permission from Licensor.

Licensee agrees that altering images is prohibited without receiving written permission from Licensor except for alterations stated: resizing/cropping for flyers and MLS requirements.